CHIM&TEC can provide a complete service in the hazardous waste disposal industry. From sample taking, to its chemical analysis, to the interpretation of the analytical data: all of these procedures aim at managing the hazardous waste disposal correctly


CHIM&TEC uses ACCREDIA certified laboratories, equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated analysis equipment, applying analytical methods compliant with the national and international standards.

We can provide analytical determinations for matrix in the following fields:

  • Potable water, drained water, subterranean water (aquifers
  • Soils and contaminated site
  • Industrial hazardous waste of all kin
  • Emissions into the atmospher
  • Work environment:
    • phonometric investigation
    • vibrometric investigation
    • Analysis and control of “eternit” (fiber cement) roofing  (according to the Regional decree 265 of 15/03/2011) 
  • Editing technical documentation for the application of new emissions into the atmosphere.
  • Editing files for the authorization of waste drainage on soil, superficial waters and sewer.
  • Determination and evaluation of the acoustic environmental pollution.
  • Environmental investigations in order to verify the exposition of the employees to chemical agents.

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