CHIM&TEC operates in the environmental industry since several years and, thanks to its experience in this field, CHIM&TEC offers the Customers the solution to any problem concerning the disposal of hazardous waste, dangerous and not, coming from the Artisanal and Industrial sector and other productive sites.

Thanks to its awareness  of authorized plants operating hazardous waste disposal or collect, CHIM&TEC is able to provide the most suitable solution in terms of economical and management advantage for waste disposal or collect.

CHIM&TEC  always works respecting the norms in force.

SIGNS SIGNS WASTE COLLECTION adhesive material and aluminum 30x 20 and 50x 35 
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SIGNS SIGNS WASTE STORAGE aluminum material 18x 12, 30×20  e 50×35 with black adhesive letters of various sizes -
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We also have signs of signs of danger, prohibition, requirement of safety in the workplace, fire signs and stickers for signaling and piping systems.


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